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Add domain user to predefined group Adminstrators

I have added my user to the predefined group of Administrators:


useradmin domainuser add smith -g Administrators


The command completed successfully: Domain User <smith> successfully added to Administrators.


Then I tried to login with ssh to the Filer with usrname smith, but access is denied. Why?


Thank you,




Re: Add domain user to predefined group Adminstrators

it might be treating smith as a local user during log in. Can you try logging in with "domain\userid"?

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Re: Add domain user to predefined group Adminstrators

Hi Andreas,


Have you setup authorized keys for the user to enable you ssh to controller?




If so and this is not working have you checked if you can login to console as the domain user? EG:


login as: testlab\User1
testlab\User1@testns01's password:

TESTNS01> useradmin domainuser list -g Administrators
List of SIDS in Administrators

For more information about a user, use the 'cifs lookup' and 'useradmin user list' commands.
TESTNS01> cifs lookup S-1-5-21-3150332139-2813398079-754052488-1110
name = TESTLAB\User1

Verify the users SID and sAMAccountName in AD.

C:\>dsquery user -samid user1 | dsget user -samid -sid
  samid       sid
  User1    S-1-5-21-3150332139-2813398079-754052488-1110
dsget succeeded


When setting up authorized keys for SSH access consider the case of the username.

EG "User1" in AD (uppercase first letter) is not "user1" in ONTAP (lowercase first letter)



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