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SnapVaulting a transitioned 7-Mode volume from cDot 8.3 primary to 8.2 secondary don't work




I've got a problem in a transitioned environment. I migrated several volumes from a 8.2.3 7-Mode system with a TDP SnapMirror to a 8.3.1 cDOT cluster. All worked fine the customer is running on the new cDOT cluster. After the transition I reinstalled the 7M filer with 8.2.3 cDOT and tried to use that system for a SnapVault secondary. Peering and all things are up and running.

If I try to take on of the transitioned volumes to start a SnapVault it fails during the initialization process with: Last Transfer Error: Transfer failed. (Error unmarshaling replication operation data on Cluster Id: 7c8fe74a-78bc-11e5-aca9-00a09816bfca, Node Id: f91d9f66-78a2-11e5-8456-513851b7bf51 (idl out of memory))

If I try the same with a new created volume in cDOT 8.3 it works fine without an error.

If I move a LUN from the transitioned volume to a new volume it fails with the same error. 


I can't find differences in the LUN-options. Only there's a 7M LUN serial in. In the volume options is marked that the volumes are transitioned.


Das anyone has that problem before?







If I understand you correctly, you are trying to use a TDP relationship to peer a snapvault secondary to cDOT.


Unless something has changed, I don't beleive that is supported.  


Check the message file




No, you missunderstood


I transitioned the volumes with TDP to cDOT and try to SnapVault this volumes to another cDOT system now. Fresh volumes in the source SVM has no problem. The transitioned one can't be vaulted.


Ok, let me see if I can try this setup in my lab... But i'm running 8.3.1


Tested it in another szenari, no problem. There's a strange snap behaviour, too. somtimes you can snap normally, sometimes no chance, sometimes only if a reserve is configured.


Was there ever resolution?