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Snapcenter information and data seems to be gone after upgrading


hey all, in a bit of a pickle here.


we had the following configuration prior to upgrading



---Before upgrade---

vCenter - Version 7.0

SnapCenter - Version 4.5


---Upgrade phase 1---

vcenter  - Version 8.0

Snapcenter - Version 4.6


---Upgrade phase 2---

vcenter  - Version 8.0

Snapcenter - Version 4.7


---Upgrade phase 3---

vcenter  - Version 8.0

Snapcenter - Version 4.9



after phase 3, the plugin was able to be read on vcenter without a problem but it seems that the dashboard is empty, also the policy, resouce groups are empty aswell. i tried restoring a certain VM to a prior backup which i got during SC verion 4.5, but it could not locate a previous backup, im assuming because all the data and information was empty after upgrading.


did i miss something? or is there anything i need to after upgrading to a new snapcenter version? is it because we updated the vcenter to 8.0 at the same time that this is all happeening?


if anyone can give me any advice on what i can do, thatd be much appreciated!