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Snapmirror Cascade Reversal


I have a snapmirror cascade  A --> B --> C   


I need to run a test of this where the site containing A and B is down and I want to run on the C copy,  then when the site with A and B is fixed  reverse the sync.   


If I update, quiesce ,  then break the B --> C mirror then I can use the C to write data.    However then when I try operations reverse resync  i get  message the the volume is part of a cascade and to delete the other snapmirrors 


How can I reverse the copy so that A becomes the primary again without a full copy of the data again. 




Break mirrors, setup in reverse direction, resync from C to B and then from B to A. As long as there is commmon snapshot resync will transfer only changes relative to it.

Not sure I understand why you try to reverse anything. Just resync from B to C to continue replication.


I have to reverse because I need to keep the data that is written while C is the primary copy

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