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Snapmirror Configuration /etc/snapmirror.conf

Hello Everyone,

Just want to know, when we setup snapmirror between two filers.is it compulsory that the snapmirror.conf file contains the mirror relationship between those filers.




Re: Snapmirror Configuration /etc/snapmirror.conf

The snapmirror.conf file manages the automatic updating of the snapmirror relationship. You don't have to put an entry in there if you are going to manually update the relationship.

Re: Snapmirror Configuration /etc/snapmirror.conf

Some features (like multipathing) can be only configured via snapmirror.conf. In this case it is possible to disable scheduled update there and use manual updates as well.

Re: Snapmirror Configuration /etc/snapmirror.conf

if we configure snapmirror using Protection Manager. will the configurations be stored in the snapmirror.conf files. or it will be stored somewhere in Netapp Management Console.

apart from this i need some of the commands for Netapp Management Console (Protection Manager & Provisioning Manager). if there is any.

Re: Snapmirror Configuration /etc/snapmirror.conf

If you use Protection Manager, the relations will be managed bij Protection Manager and no entry will be added to the snapmirror.conf.

What you can do is import the entries of the snapmirror .conf in Protection Manager.

Schedules will be managed by Protection Manager.

This is what I do:

Create volumes  and restrict them on destination.

Create manual snapmirrors by CLI on destination (snapmirror initialize -S source_filer:volume dest_filer:volume

Add entries to snapmirror.conf without schedule( 5 time a minus sign ( -) after the relation you created.

Update the systems in Protection Manager(DOS box, enter ' dfm host list' , get the PM ID's of your systems, enter 'dfm host discover <id's>'

Login in the NMC.

Wait a while, mostly 3 minutes till the snapmirrors are detected and show up in external relations in NMC.

Create mirror policy with schedules you want.

Create dataset, add the volumes from primary to the dataset.

Attach mirror policy you created to the dataset.

Import external relations to dataset.

There are other ways to do this, but this way you are sure that you use the volumes on the destinations and entries in the snapmirror are not affecting Protection Manager.
Also, if you want to use for example autosizing on the destiniation, simply add a resourcepool to the dataset and it will work.



Re: Snapmirror Configuration /etc/snapmirror.conf

one more thing, I just want to get the output pagewise or in a textfile while running the snapmirror status command or anyother netapp command. is there anything that we can put to the command and can see the results in pagewise on the screen or in a seperate text file. here i am using putty tool to connect to the netapp.


Re: Snapmirror Configuration /etc/snapmirror.conf

Use the logging of putty, just point to a text file and enable logging.

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