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Snapmirror - Error: 13102 - No release-able destination found



I've been trying to repair a couple of my snapmirrors that have failed to link up.  I recreated a SQL backup and deleted the old broken snapmirror SQL link.  Deleted find, but the next day it showed back up red "idle with restart checkpoint" "destination must be restricted...".  When I try and delete it in the GUI "oncommand" I get the error.  "Data ONTAP API Failed:  Snapmirror error:  No release-able destination found that matches those parameters.  (Error:  13102)"  When I SSH to the SAN I get a simalar error may not have permission to resource.  The Vol it's trying to reach is deleted due to the actions yesterday.  I read an old artical "Snapmirror Cleanup" stating to release it, yet i get the same error, "source is offline, is restricted, or does not exist".


How do I get ride of that snapmirror link?



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