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Snapmirror Volume Deletion

I have a snapmirror running at the volume level where I have a few snapshots of a LUN.  If I delete the volume on the source side is the volume on the target side deleted and how long does it take?




Re: Snapmirror Volume Deletion



If you delete the volume on source then volume on destination will not be deleted. You have to delete it manually.



First you have to follow the below process.


Dest> snapmirror quiesce <destination volumename>

Dest> snapmirror break <destination volumename>


Source> snapmirror destinations


source> snapmirror release <source volume name>


delete schedule entry on snapmirror config file


rdfile /etc/snapmirror.conf


take the output of the above command and paste it in note pad edit it and paste it back to snapmirror config file


wrfile /etc/snapmirror.conf


snapmirror is deleted now. You can delete source and destination volumes if you want.



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Re: Snapmirror Volume Deletion

Thanks - much appreciated.

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