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Snapmirror and static route


I think I know what to do but I need a sanity check on my networking knowledge.

I have a NetApp AFF in California that I'm setting up to Snapmirror to a AFF in another state across our wan.

The "Cali" AFF intercluster lif is on a 172.1.x.x subnet and the other AFF intercluster's lif is on a 10.36.x.x subnet.
But the Cali AFF also uses the same 10.36.x.x subnet for data on their office lan.  I would like to avoid changing to an IP on a different subnet for the destination AFF (because politics are involved).


I know I need to create a static route but do I create it on the Cali AFF (src-aff) or the destination AFF??

For example, would I run the following on the source assuming source intercluster lif is and destination intercluster lif is  ??

src-aff::> network route create -vserver src-aff -destination -gateway -metric 1


SnapMirror happens outside the SVMs (inside the Admin SVM).

It also requires special Intercluster LIFs on each node in the cluster.

Those intercluster LIFS on each side of the SnapMirror must all be able to ping or otherwise access each other.

It also requires Cluster Peering and then SVM Peering to allow the Mirrors to work.


Peering guide: https://library.netapp.com/ecm/ecm_download_file/ECMLP2496233

Includes quick references of Cluster/SVM peering and mirroring setups


Might be helpful to see:

"net int show -role intercluster"

"route show"


from both sides