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Snapmirror as source for both dest and source


We had cascading snaomirror relationship from Nodes A-B-C


We have broken A-B and resynced from A-C which worked till yesterday. Now when I check it today I can see the destination and source state a Source.

And cannot see this SM relationship in Node C as well.


But can see the SM relationship in NodeA.


Snapmirror is on.

Source: NodeA:Vol1
Destination: NodeC:Vol1_Snapmirror
Status: Idle
Progress: -
State: Source
Lag: 15:10:53
Mirror Timestamp: Mon Apr 17 13:50:27 EDT 2017
Base Snapshot: NodeC(1574563894)_Vol1_SnapMirror.2
Current Transfer Type: -
Current Transfer Error: -
Contents: -
Last Transfer Type: -
Last Transfer Size: 1828 KB
Last Transfer Duration: 00:00:05
Last Transfer From: -


Node C> snapmirror status -l NodeA:Vol1
Snapmirror is on.



You can also see the attachement fyr....

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