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Default lun settings

Is there an option to change the defaults on every new lun created?

I want to have the space-allocation option set (on every lun created).



Re: Default lun settings

Yes but you have to offline the lun to change that setting. It is disruptive.


Check your hosts for compatibility with the space-allocation ability. Don't enable if it's not compatible.

Re: Default lun settings

Yes, that is on a single lun. I am searching for a method to change this setting for every new lun.

I wrote a blog post about the feature: http://vdinges.romeijn.nu/2017/03/space-reclamation-with-vsphere-65-and.html


Re: Default lun settings



The default 'space-allocation' setting for a LUN is disabled. I don't think there is any option within ONTAP to change this behaviour however you might consider automating the provisioning process within your environment. This would ensure any LUNs created are configured with 'space-allocation' attribute as enabled before you rescan your hyper-visor host to add the datastore.



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