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how to verify if configured for NDU of shelf firmware on 8.3.2P2 CDOT


good morning,


I am preparing for an upgrade. I know the instructions from NetApp says that IOM6 and IOM3 upgrades non-disruptively. In 7-Mode you can verify this in the options. How do I verify in CDOT version 8.3.2P2?






For 8.3, here's the download instructions:




Then you'll run a "storage download shelf" command from the node shell (one each per HA pair):




Hope that helps!










Thanks for the reply but nowhere in there tells me what to run in CDOT to verify that it is configured for non-disruptive shelf fw upgrade.




Sorry didn't understand your question 1st time..


According to this bug report,  http://mysupport.netapp.com/NOW/cgi-bin/bol?Type=Detail&Display=396599

And this documentation page https://library.netapp.com/ecmdocs/ECMM1238888/html/rel_notes/concept/c_oc_rn_cau-upg-shelf-fw-ndu-option.html


The options "shelf.fw.ndu.enable" is only for AT-FCX disk shelf. 

This options is not available in 8.3 clustered Data ONTAP.


AT-FCX modules can only be upgraded in a nondisruptive manner if the storage system meets the following configuration requirements:

  • Data ONTAP 7.3.2 or later
  • Data ONTAP 8.2 and earlier: The shelf.fw.ndu.enable option must be set to ON.
  • The storage system must also meet either of these two configuration requirements:
    • The system is a multipath high-availability (MPHA) pair having an AT-FCX module with FW37 and CPLD v.24, or
    • The system is a multipath standalone configuration having an AT-FCX module with FW37 (CPLD v.24 is not required)


For this, you dont have to go anywhere other than the firmware download page 🙂





Under, Method 1: Using an HTTP or FTP server

Step 4 have different instructions for 


  1, clustered Data ONTAP 8.0.x

  2, clustered Data ONTAP 8.1.x and 8.2

  3, clustered Data ONTAP 8.2.1 or later   (that include ontap 9)


clustered Data ONTAP 8.2.1 or later
The Alternate Control Path (ACP) interface initially used Ethernet-based network connectivity to perform various recovery tasks, such as expander resets and shelf power cycles. This feature was referred to as out-of-band (OOB) ACP.

With ONTAP 9.0 and later, ACP uses available SAS data links to perform the same tasks. This feature is referred to as in-band ACP.

Take note of these special cases of IOM6 running ACP FW 0208 or earlier, or any IOM3 with any FW:

IOM3 does not support in-band ACP
IOM6 does not support in-band ACP on FW 0208 or earlier; therefore, in this case:
Confirm the cluster is in OOB (not in-band) ACP mode before attempting update.
OOB ACP Ethernet cables must be in place
Set ACP to OOB mode if not already configured
See Knowledgebase article ID 1015915  for more info.
To download the latest shelf firmware package to all of the nodes in the cluster from a web server, use this command:

::*> storage firmware download –node * –package-url http://<web-server>/path/all_shelf_fw.zip

To download a specific shelf firmware file to all of the nodes in the cluster from a web server, use this command:

::*> storage firmware download –node * -package-url http://<web-server>/path/<shelf_type.fw_rev.SFW>.zip

To download an individual ACPP firmware file to all of the nodes in the cluster from a web server, use this command:

::*> storage firmware download –node * -package-url http://<web-server>/path/<ACPP_type.fw_rev.AFW>.zip

Hope this help.

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