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Snapmirror initialize and TCP window size


Is it possible to alter the default TCP window size on a snapmirror initialize?   We have a need to migrate clients to a new IDC,  The link has signficiant latency and the snapmirror process is extremely slow and runs for days.  Normal production snapmirror between DR sites is fine and i don't want to impact current production..    I would like to test a larger TCP Window size for an individual replication.    I have read that an individual transfer can have an altered TCP window size as defined in the snapmirror.conf file.   The problem migrations are 'one and done' type operations,  the cli is used to run the 'snapmirror initialize' command.  Is there a way to altrer the TC{ window size in the initialize command ?   Is there a way to have the initialize command read the snapmirror.conf file?    Any suggestions woulld be appreciated.   currently testing in 7-mode envrionment running 8.2.3P2,   eventually Cdot environments will likely need to be addressed as well.     





Please refer https://library.netapp.com/ecmdocs/ECMP1196991/html/GUID-4B1A1A19-65FE-48D9-95BE-AC1850B46FAF.html to change the TCP window size.

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