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Snapmirror network traffic coming in the LIFs for both nodes




Our network guy is trying to track down some network congestion issues between two NetApp clusters. Each cluster has two node and each node has an inter-cluster LIF. He was able to capture some traffic information that shows the traffic between one of the LIFs in the source cluster is going to the LIFs on BOTH nodes of the destination cluster. The network traffic is on port 11105 and number of the packets transmitted is pretty close, 1.32 million vs 1.41 million. In additon the volume of traffic is about 1.7 Gbytes for each interface. Unfortunately it is taking up about 50% of the network connection for the time it is running.


The network guy wants to know if this traffic is being duplicated or is there some other explanation. I don't have any answers for him and I am not even sure I would know how I would go about getting an answer.


Is there some kind of load balancing of the snapmirror traffic between nodes? Anyobody else seen this or have an idea what is going on?