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Snapmirror renable on destination system

HI ,


I am new to snapmirror and i would like to know whtat is the procedure to re-enable the snapmirror on destination volume .


For example 


I have two HA pair systems FAS2554 running data ontap 8.2 7- mode .I have to change the ippaddressess and network configuration on Destination system after that i need to sync or enable the snapmirror again . what are the steps to do that . 


Snapmirror status is on idle right now .






Re: Snapmirror renable on destination system

Hi Arsalan,

the thing to remember is that SnapMirror operations are initiated on the destination filer (it's a 'pull' operation).

All you should need to do is to 'quiesce' the SnapMirror configurations on the destination filer (when they are idle), make the necessary network changes and then 'resume' the configurations.


Hope this helps.

Re: Snapmirror renable on destination system




Great it will helps me a lot ! But my concern is that after modification in networks and  our plan is to shut down the contrroler as well and move that system to another datacenter within 5km area . 


so only "quiesce' and "resume" will work or we need to break the relationship as well becuase i will change the ipaddress on destination between those systems sorce and destitnation ? 




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