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Snapmirror resume and resync after destination controller shutdown


HI ,


I am new to snapmirror and i would like to know whtat is the procedure to re-enable , resume or resync the snapmirror on destination volume after change the ipadresses and powered off the destination controller .


For example 


I have two HA pair systems FAS2554 running data ontap 8.2 7- mode .I have to change the ippaddressess and network configuration setting on the Destination system and gracefully shutdown that  controller after that i need to re -sync or re-enable the snapmirror again . what are the steps to do that ?


Snapmirror status is on idle right now .






Did you check that new IP is allowed snapmirror access on source?


Yes its already added in snapmirror.access and i want to know the steps prior shutting down the controller and after changed the ipaddress and then renable snapmirror .


It should just work. SnapMirror works in pull mode, so destination should simply continue existing relationships as long as new IP is allowed for SnapMirror access to source.

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