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Snapprotect not removing snapshots

I have a question that I would assume is related to operator error...

I'm implementing snapprotect (10sp3) and when I created my storage policy I had the retention set to infinite but now I want it to be 7 days.

I want to change the retention policy to 7 days for the primary array now but it doesn't seem to remove the old snapshots.

Data aging is enabled with the settings show in the attachment.

What have I done wrong?


Re: Snapprotect not removing snapshots

Hi Drew,

It won't delete the snapshot until it's met retention,  OR you tell it the job is bad (or copy), mark it for deletion(or delete it within SnapProtect).

DataAging doesn't delete the job for SnapProtect Snapshots, it reconciles what has been deleted.

This is the section in the v10SP3b documentation (main section is below that).

Data Aging for SnapProtect Snapshots


Re: Snapprotect not removing snapshots

I had these settings set and there was a data aging job running by default but this must be running on something internal or specific that excluded my snapshots.

Scheduling another cleanup job fixed the clean up on my primary storage.

Still working out why it isn't cleaning up the snapvault. Looks like SP4 addressed some issues in that area...

Re: Snapprotect not removing snapshots

For the vault it would be good to check if you had another copy configured or if you have extended retention enabled.

Both of which would affect aging.

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