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Snapshot Status Question

Hi Guys,

I have a FAS-2050 with a number of Volumes, one of these volumes reported this morning that it was using 98% of its capacity and 0% inodes (the volume is used to host SQL). My first check was to look at the Manage Snapshots page for the volume in question where I have 6 snapshots going back to January. All the Snapshots have the status of busy, LUNs - Busy.

What does this mean?

Is there an issue with the Snapshots? If so what can be done to resolve it?

The Volume is connected to a MS SQL Cluster and used to store transaction logs.

Any advise or links to appropriate KB's would be appreciated.



Snapshot Status Question

It sounds like you have some LUN clones that are backed by snapshot data, these pages will help explain and resolve:



Snapshot Status Question

I had read thoes.  What do you mean though by 'LUN Clones that are backed by snapshot data' as I'm not quite getting it.  Are the SNAPSHOTS that I ahve in this state viable or should they be deleted?

Re: Snapshot Status Question

the snapshots won’t be usable as far as I know in that busy state…as long as you follow the guidance for removing them, you don’t actually have to delete them, if they are still withint your retention schedule, as long as they are free’d up as per the docs on the NOW site, the snapshot deletion process will remove them all eventually…if they are already outside of your retention period anyway, then its safe to delete them.

its normally based on something like SMSQL not freeing up old LUN copies within those snapshots properly as part of its backup jobs, it’s a realtively common problem, just something to keep an eye on.

Snapshot Status Question

The snapshots are viable in this state as they are functioning as expected, but you won't be able to delete them while they're in the busy state.

When a FlexClone volume or LUN clone is created a snapshot has to be specified to be used for the clone and once the clone exists the snapshot used is marked as busy. If you want to delete the snapshot you have to find which clone is using it and either delete it or split it off.

You may find the following documentation useful with regard to FlexClone volumes:




Re: Snapshot Status Question

is there anyway if we can find the snapshot deleted status. as if the snapshot was deleted manually by any user or by autodelete option. please suggest?

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