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Snapshot delete in 8.2 CDOT using ZAPI


I  have used zapi in 7-mode to be able to delete snapshots, but dont see an equivalent api in cdot or atleast not able to find until now.

I am looking for pointers in using zapi in cdot to delete snapshots. Has anyone able to do that in cdot using zapi?





Nevermind. Found it.


Ok. I was able to find out the API document that describes the API call for snapshot.

The document i was looking up was C:/netapp-manageability-sdk-5.2/netapp-manageability-sdk-5.2/doc/perldoc/OntapClusterAPI.html#snapshot_delete

the following is what it describes for snapshot delete.  When executing a script i get the following error:

<results errno='13005' status='failed' reason='Unable to find API: snapshot_delete'/>

In my opinion this should be a straight forward call, but doesnt look like that. Has anyone able to get this working?

Any pointers appreciated.


[Family: vserver]

Delete a snapshot on a specified volume. EBUSY is returned when the snapshot is in use. EROFS is returned when the volume is read-only. EAGAIN is returned when splitting a blockmap or reverting.

This API is not supported on Infinite Volume.


  • snapshot => string

  • Name of snapshot to be deleted on the specified volume.
  • snapshot-instance-uuid => uuid, optional

  • The 128 bit unique snapshot identifier expressed in the form of UUID. This field is optional and can appear together with 'snapshot' to uniquely identify a snapshot for deletion. If this field is provided, 'snapshot' is a required parameter.An example of an actual UUID is:73a010ec-3d28-11df-84e8-123478563412
  • volume => string

  • Name of the volume on which the snapshot is to be deleted.


  • None




The snapshot-delete API still exists but is in the SVM context.  So you either need to issue the API call to the SVM that owns the volume or use SVM tunneling (set_vserver Perl API) via the cluster SVM.



Chris Madden

Storage Architect, NetApp EMEA


I've been hunting through ZExplore and still can't figure out how to do this with JAVA.


Does anyone have some suggestions on where to look or sample code for deleting a snapshot using JAVA?

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