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cDOT - Using mixed SAN / NAS SVMs


While cDOT SVM/Vservers have always allowed any mix of NAS and SAN protocols, over time a 'best-practice' seems to have developed that one should keep these two types of protocols segregated in different SVMs. To be honest, I've never seen or read this best practices myself, but I presume it's out there somewhere because so many people tell me about it. But I also believe that sometimes best-practices are mis-interpreted and evolve into you-gotta-do-it-that-way'isms.


I'd like to understand the the history (any cDOT version evolutions) and other truths and falsehoods around this. Equally important are any gotchas like: 'Sure you can do that, but you won't be able to use feature-X). Also, are there any layered products (SnapDrive, SnapXyz) that will hit issues or become cumbersome in mixed SAN/NAS SVMs.


I can see reasons to keep them separate for usability, tidiness, and 'why not' reasons but I'm more interested in 'real gotchas' that mixing SAN/NAS might introduce.

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