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Without show "vtic", is that normal?

I remember where should be alway a "vtic" after logged in, and along with a port number, in (logged in). How come don't I see it in the following command? I am using 8.3.1 Thanks!


cluster::> igroup show -v igroup_host

          Vserver Name: cluster-fcp-1

           Igroup Name: igroup_host

              Protocol: fcp

               OS Type: aix

Portset Binding Igroup: -

           Igroup UUID: 9fc9d6ee-1608-11e6-89b1-00a098666b19

                  ALUA: true

            Initiators: c0:50:76:07:2e:d9:00:1c (host-hba-1) (logged in)

c0:50:76:07:2e:d9:00:1e (host-hba-2) (logged in)


Re: Without show "vtic", is that normal?

In C-Mode multipath implementation is different, so there is no "vtic".

Re: Without show "vtic", is that normal?

vtic means the partner target port in 7-mode, how could it be difference in cDOT mode? how could the partner target port be represented in cD0T?

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