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Snapvault: Could not delete qtree: could not register source qtree information


Good Morning,


I am not able to remove / delete a qtree from a secondary filer. I have tried:

snapvault stop -f netapp2:/vol/netapp1/data_1


I get Snapvault configuration for the qtree has been deleted.
Could not delete qtree: could not register source qtree information.


I think the problem lies in the fact that I have the following:

snapvault status

netapp1:/vol/data_1 netapp2:/vol/netapp1/data_1  Snapvaulted 5822:12:12 Quiescing
netapp1:/vol/data_1 netapp2:/vol/netapp1/data_1_new Snapvaulted 11:07:53 Idle


It seems that at sometime someone created two snapvault qtrees coming from the same filer / volume. I don't know how to remove the old qtree. The netapp2:/vol/netapp1/data_1_new is the one that is current and working properly. I need to remove the old qtree to free up some space.


Any help would be greatly appriciated.

Thank you.




Do you have snapmirrors associated with these snapvault jobs?


If you have try the following:


snapmirror release {srcpath} {dstfiler}:{dstpath}
in which {srcpath} and {dstpath} are
{volname} or {/vol/volname/qtreename}
- remove destinations


We don't use Snapmirror. We can only use snapvault.


Thank you.