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Snapvault State is source


Hi all,


first of all i am new to netapp. currently using NetApp Data ONTAP 7.


It is showing snapvault status as Idle and state as SOURCE.  is it critical or can we ignore this.

if it is critical please guide me how to troubleshoot this problem. 




sannas01> snapvault status
Snapvault is ON.
        Source                                      Destination                         State     Lag      Status
sannas01:/vol/vol1/Shared   lvnnas01:/vol/sv_san_vol1/Shared   Source   10:42:43   Idle
sannas01> snapvault status -s
Snapvault is ON.
Volume Snapshot Status Schedule
------ -------- ------ --------
vol1 sv_vol1_nightly Idle 3@2
sannas01> snapvault status -t
Snapvault is ON.
There are no active transfers.




That is fine..  If you are new to netapp, perhaps you should take the WBT courses and read the snapvault best practice guides as well.




As noted above, user / admin guides will help clarify things immensely.


In terms of SnapVault and SnapMirror status - IDLE status is fine, noting the amount of lag is a good key indicator of an issue. If the lag time is less than the time frame of the schedule (if it is a daily vault and the lag time is less than 24 hours), then usually everything is ok.


If there are other issues, the status will reflect that.

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