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Snapvault could not delete



I have one snapvault relation ship that I can not remove.

IBM6040N2> snapvault stop -f IBM6040N2:/vol/BOOTIVM/qt_BOOTIVM

Could not delete qtree: destination is not in snapvaulted state

The lag is like 5000 hours...

IBM6040N2:/vol/BOOTIVM/qt_BOOTIVM                  IBM6040N1:/vol/SV_BOOTIVM/qt_BOOTIVM_IBM6040N2  Source         4916:47:28  Idle

Does anyone has an idee how to remove this?


Snapvault could not delete


You need to run `snapvault stop` on the secondary filer and when complete you run `snapvault release` on the primary:

IBM6040N1> snapvault stop -f IBM6040N2:/vol/BOOTIVM/qt_BOOTIVM

IBM6040N2> snapvault release /vol/BOOTIVM/qt_BOOTIVM IBM6040N1:/vol/SV_BOOTIVM/qt_BOOTIVM_IBM6040N2

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Re: Snapvault could not delete




I have a few questions on deletion of SnapVault relationships.


If I no longer require snapvault relationships and delete these of the source and destination filer.


I have noticed that when I go to the CIFS share I can still see the snapvault snapshots when going to ~snapshots but the snapvault relationship is deleted.


Do I need to delete these manually or they automatically clean themselves up?


Is anyone able to provide details on process of deleting a Snapvault from source and filer?


Many Thanks


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