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Snapvault non qtree backup to destination qtree backup lag


Hi All


Just have a question on why our snapvault backups are taking longer than I would expect.


All of our Flexvols are used for VMware datastores. I have now created a snapvault relationship for one of these flexvols which have a number of VMs (approx 50gb-200gb) located within these volumes.


We didnt setup these flexvols with qtrees so the Snapvault backup is a non qtree backup. There is however a qtree for the Snapvault backups destination flex vol which is required.


I am reading the TR3487 - SnapVault best practises guide and it mentions in there about volume to qtree snapvault.


It says "This type of relationship increases the performance of the Snap Vault transfer but also increases the time it takes to perform a backup"


Can I ask why that is? I have a number of flexvols on the source that needed to be backed up using Snap Vault but because of the delay I am doing them one at a time. I am thinking If I create qtrees and link them to the flexvols and instead do a qtree snapvault backup. Would this be quicker?


Any advice provided would be most appreciated as i am a Snap Vault newbie.








Since its a issue related to performance, it will be better to open a case with NetApp support. 

Also be ready with Perfstat data which will be helpful in resolution of this issue.



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