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snap restore: File does not exist in snapshot


Why my snap restore failing ?  


have a vfiler running and when i run the following it says file does not exist 





napphstc07bv01@NAPPHSTC07B> snap restore -t file /vol/stc07bv01_appcust/test3.txt


WARNING! This will restore a file from a snapshot into the active

filesystem.  If the file already exists in the active filesystem,

it will be overwritten with the contents from the snapshot.


Are you sure you want to do this? y


The following snapshots are available for volume stc07bv01_appcust:


date            name

------------    ---------

Nov 06 10:25    snap5

Nov 06 08:01    hourly.0

Nov 06 00:01    nightly.0

Nov 05 20:01    hourly.1

Nov 05 16:01    hourly.2

Nov 05 12:01    hourly.3

Nov 05 08:00    hourly.4

Nov 05 00:00    nightly.1

Nov 04 20:00    hourly.5

Oct 30 23:56    testsnap4

Oct 30 23:56    testsnap3

Oct 30 23:33    testsnap2

Oct 30 23:29    testsnap

Oct 28 12:11    testshot


Which snapshot in volume stc07bv01_appcust would you like to revert the file from? snap5


You have selected file /vol/stc07bv01_appcust/test3.txt, snapshot snap5


Proceed with restore? y

snap restore: File does not exist in snapshot.

below is the snaphot i am trying to recover from , and the file does exist 


am i missing something simple ?





Is this happening to only a specific file? or a specific snapshot? a specific volume? Or Single file restore is not happening at all?

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