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Snapvault snap sched is gone for no reason, how to reschedule?


Hi all,

IHAC who misses several snapvault schedules on the secondary site, they are gone for no reason.

He now wants to reschedule the snapvault relationships, but receives the error "A SnapVault relationship or schedule configuration already exists on a vFiler unit.".

What should he do to reschedule the relationship by keeping its snapshots on the secondary site.

Thanks in advance




Unless he is using 8.2 you can't do snapvault inside a vfiler.  The volume can be owned by the vfiler but vfiler0 has to own the snapvault relationship.

the command is simple, "snapvault snap sched -x sv_daily 7@23@sun-sat".  The -x flag says update the snapvault from the source and then create the snapshot sv_daily.0.  If you simply want to create a snapshot, leave the -x flag out.  We do that for things like weekly snapshots, "snapvault snap sched sv_weekly 52@23@sun"  This just creates it without updating, useful if you are doing daily updates already.


A vfiler can be a destination outside 8.2(mine is 8.1 7mode), and you will need to check the vfiler(s) for the schedule and remove it if you plan to move it to the physcial controller.

vfilerb_wfa@gisnas99b*> snapvault status

Snapvault is ON.

Source                                                       Destination                                                                        State                  Lag          Status

gisnas99a:/vol/schubb_command_test_16/-       vfilerb_wfa:/vol/vfilera_wfa/schubb_command_test_16       Snapvaulted         00:00:02   Idle

- Scott


Good to know, snapvault was added in 8.1 in the vfiler context.

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