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Hi all,

I'm new to snapvault and are trying to re-think the way we do our snapshots. Today we have scripts for flushing IO in our mysql db's and then create "regular" netapp snapshot, now we need to add an copy of that snapshot to an offsite netapp array with snapvault.

I've setup the snapvault relationships and done baseline transfers but I'm having a hard time to figure out how I can take a DB consistent snapvault snapshot in my primary array and then transfer the same snapshot to the offsite array. I want to keep snapshots on both my primary array and in my secondary array.

Can I achive above with snapvault snapshots only or do I need to mix regular snapshots in the primary with snapvault snapshots?

What I want to do is something similar to;

1. Flush IO in mysql DB

2. Create snapshot in primary netapp array onsite.

3. Transfer/create snapshot in secundary netapp array offsite.

4. Release DB locking.

How do I do this in the best way? I'm playing around with snapvault snap create against the primary array but I haven't figured out how the manually created snapshot gets from the primary array to the secondary array.

All feedback and suggestions is appriciated.



Re: Snapvault


If you have snapmirror licensed, it seems to me you would be better off using snapmirror instead of snapvault... unless I completely misunderstood what you're trying to accomplish.

Re: Snapvault


Yes, that has cross my mind as well. I’m just curious if I can accomplish this with snapvault as well before I abandon the concept.


Best Regards,

Hampus Lind

+46 727 230 104

Re: Snapvault


And my only goal is to get snaphots/backups offsite in best possible way. But I still want to keep snapshots onsite for quick restore purpose.


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