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What is the command to test ldap services?


I am running NetApp release 8.2 cluster-mode using Simulate ONTAP.

I created an NFS share and mounted it from a CentOS 6.2. I am able to create and delete files on the share from the CentOS server.

I then configured a LDAP service on the NetApp and want to test that the NetApp is using it  for user/group look-up.

The command that I attempted is:

::*> diag secd name-mapping show -node mycluster-01 -vserver engcen5 -direction win-unix -name <mydomain>\<unix1>

However, I get an error, "diag" is not a recognized command.

Can someone tell me what is the correct command to use? Thanks in advance.


Re: What is the command to test ldap services?


first you have to set the privilege mode:

set -privilege diagnostic

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