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Solaris LUN increase



We check NetApp KB refer "Solaris LUNs cannot be resized due to their partitioning scheme" as below.




But some of Solaris version support "zpool autoexpand", could NetApp support LUNs increase if use Solaris zpool?






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Re: Solaris LUN increase

I am not an ONTAP expert, but after reading Support Bulletin SU34, I do not think it would be a good idea to try to force the expansion with "zpool autoexpand".

At this time, it looks like expanding the ONTAP-hosted Solaris volume from either side is not supported.

Team NetApp

Re: Solaris LUN increase

Resizing a LUN with the OS type as 'solaris' is deprecated beginning with ONTAP 9.0 

If you are i need of resizing the LUN, a workaround may apply. you can open a case and mention the following KB: LUN resize function not implemented for Solaris LUN

Re: Solaris LUN increase



If NetApp LUN present to Solaris not support resize due to Solaris partition scheme issue, how about LUN present to Solaris host but use Veritas vxvm vxfs or Oracle ASM? Is resize LUN OK?

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