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Some of the disks are single path attached.

Hi all,


After running config advisor I am seeing 8 single path disks found on channel 1c,0c shelf 4.


       Type     Name      Disk Count    Make/Model   Notes

       Shelf     1c:4 | 0c:4       14                  ESH4       Shelf partial path


Storage show output:


0c.64     B                     4    0  
0c.65     B                     4    1  
0c.66     B                     4    2  
0c.67     B                     4    3  
0c.68     B                     4    4  
0c.69     B                     4    5  
0c.70     B    1c.70      A     4    6  
0c.71     B                     4    7  
0c.72     B    1c.72      A     4    8  
1c.73     A    0c.73      B     4    9  
0c.74     B                     4   10  


I have seen a cabling issue on shelf 6 however, the cables arenot multipath attached. So my question is that is it possible just to swap the cables without any downtime?






Re: Some of the disks are single path attached.

Hi Leo,


Did you logged case to netapp to check the physical connectivity.

meanwhile, is it FAS series or V-series box.

My view is that, we cannot swap without the downtime.




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