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Storage target multipathing question


I have a NetApp node with 4 storage ports e0e, e0f, e0g, e0h. These are rolled up into an a0a lacp ifgrp up to a nexus switch.


My question is can there still be a server hickup or interruption when a cable from one of the ports is suddenly cut, say e0e for instance?


We're wondering if this was the cause of a server outage the other night. We had to reboot the DCs as their services wouldn't start for some reason and nobody could login. I can only assumed traffic on that specific path would fail over to the other ports and include automatic load balance between the different ports via the LACP protocol. It's all speculation at this point.







If one interface in an interface group goes down, your storage system stays connected to the network by using the other interfaces.  If you had to reboot the DC to fix the issue; i would start by checking if there was any connection issue between storage and DC within your environment.




LACP does excellent at failover situations.


We did a NetApp upgrade at the same time. 

Does anyone have experience with a loss of storage I/O or cutting out during failover/upgrade?