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Strange issue with CIFS access








I have copied a directory tree from Isilon to the NetApp volume in mixed mode using rsync on a Linux host. The source directory tree was accessed by both UNIX and Windows clients. On the destination (NetApp), I can access from a Linux client based on the mode bit permissions set as expected. From CIFS share access though, it has weird problems.



Even with mod bits 777 set on the files (e.g. Excel files, txt files) and their parent directories,


1. Open files: I get an error: "Could not open ....xlsx" when open Excel files and "A device attached to the system is not functioning" when opening a txt file. 

2. Create/Rename files: When I create a new file, the file gets created if I leave it with the default name (e.g. "New Text Document.txt" and "New Microsoft Excel Worksheet.xlsx"). If during the creation or after creation, I change the file name, it complains: "Can't read from the source file or disk."

3. Delete files: I can delete all the files (which may make sense based on 777 mode bits)



The NetApp SVM is bind to the AD domain fine and I can query with diag secd auth show-creds for the users I used to test.... successfully. User mapping between UNIX and Windows is working too. The above problems occur to all users I've tesetd so far.


I also tried security trace and when I performed opening a file, it says it's granted access even for writes.


User has UNIX permissions while opening existing file or directory. Access is granted for: "Read Control", "Write Attributes", "Read Attributes", "Write EA", "Append", "Write"


When checking on the sampled xlsx file from the storage using "vserver security file-directory show", it says:


File Inode Number: 85471
Security Style: mixed
Effective Style: unix
DOS Attributes: 20
DOS Attributes in Text: ---A----
Expanded Dos Attributes: 0x20
...0 .... .... .... = Offline
.... ..0. .... .... = Sparse
.... .... 0... .... = Normal
.... .... ..1. .... = Archive
.... .... ...0 .... = Directory
.... .... .... .0.. = System
.... .... .... ..0. = Hidden
.... .... .... ...0 = Read Only
UNIX User Id: 0
UNIX Group Id: 0
UNIX Mode Bits: 777
UNIX Mode Bits in Text: rwxrwxrwx
ACLs: -


The only thing I am not sure is whether "Domain Users" or Everyone should be shown unde "ACLs" in normal cases.


If you have any suggestions on how to fix this, please advise. Thank you.






check this


vserver cifs options show

qtree show


please show the output