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Stream destroy failed(No space left on device)


Ontap 9.1P13, VSC is Managing the Backups/Snapshots but the SnapVault update fails with.without VSC involvement.


Source volume is:



Vserver   Volume       Aggregate    State      Type Size       Available Used%
--------- ------------ ------------ ---------- ---- ---------- ---------- -----
SVM1      VolumeB      aggr1_sata   online     RW   6.12TB     891.1GB    85%


Snapshot List for Source Volume is:


Vserver  Volume   Snapshot                                         Size Total% Used%
-------- -------- -------------------------------------------- -------- ------ -----
SVM1     VolumeA
                  smvi_Backup_Job_Name_novmsnap_20180703004000  12.23GB     0%    1%
                  smvi_Backup_Job_Name_novmsnap_20180703004500  70.70GB     1%    8%
                  smvi_Backup_Job_Name_novmsnap_20180704004000   9.35MB     0%    0%
                  smvi_Backup_Job_Name_novmsnap_20180704004500  46.16GB     1%    5%
                  smvi_Backup_Job_Name_novmsnap_20180705004000  34.07MB     0%    0%
                  smvi_Backup_Job_Name_novmsnap_20180705004500  70.66GB     1%    8%



Vault Destination Volume is:


Vserver   Volume             Aggregate    State      Type Size       Available  Used%
--------- ------------------ ------------ ---------- ---- ---------- ---------- -----
SVM2      SVM1_VolumeB_vault aggr2_sata   online     DP    7TB       4.26TB       39%




SnapVault update FAILS with "Stream destroy failed(No space left on device)"





How much free space do you have in aggregates?

Is volume autosize enabled?


KB SnapVault fails with error message: Transfer failed. (Volume accesserror (No space left on device))

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