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System Configuration backup (7Mode & cDOT)


Hi All,


I would like to backup system configuration of Data Ontap 7mode as well as cDOT.

What is the best approach/method to take the full configuration backup. Lastly, I want know at what stage backup configuration will work for us ?

For example... I have a 10 node cdot cluster and If I lost 2/3 nodes (crash), what are the steps we need to take to restore the nodes and restore the config like before.


Thanks in advance.




I take it this way. If C:/Windows folder is crashed, can you recover it. I guess no. Do you care C:/Windows folder or do you care data in Document folder or 😧 drive etc. 

Same goes with ONTAP as well. If node is crashed still your vol0/root data is saved on the shelf's disk. You are never going to loose setting like export pemissions, junction path, CIFS access or lun;s config. Only you just need to rebuild the ONTAP and node will be back in operation.