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System Health Dashboard out of date


There are a number of items showing on our System Health Summary that are out of date and incorrect.


I've been told by NetApp Support that these risks are only updated based on the Weekly Autosupports - I understand this and some of the risks fit in into this criteria - i.e. they were fixed after the most recent Weekly ASUP.


However one of the the risks shows that the two controllers in an HA pair are running different versions of DOT (8.0.4P1 and 8.2.4) - these controllers were both upgraded to 8.2.4 AFTER the weekly ASUPs had been sent through. Also it was never the case that this combination of versions existed - both were on 8.0.4P1 originally and were upgraded in parallel to 8.1.3 and then 8.2.4 as a step upgrade. 


Is there any way to force the risks to be refreshed based on the latest ASUPs?