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System Manager SAML with domain groups


Is it possible/supported to use domain groups for SAML authentication?

user authentication works fine but there are many users involved so I prefer to configure it for domain groups.



Re: System Manager SAML with domain groups



Domain/Groups are not supported for a SAML-enabled cluster.


There is a KB article:

OnCommand System Manager authentication is not working with Active Directory Domain Groups

Only workaround: Use CLI to add a domain "user" to the cluster, but without "domain\" prefix. I guess you have already tested this and it works for you.


Example: To add user 'test1' for http & ontapi capability:
::*> security login create -vserver <cluster_vserver> -user-or-group-name test1 -application http -authentication-method saml
::*> security login create -vserver <cluster_vserver> -user-or-group-name test1 -application ontapi -authentication-method saml

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Re: System Manager SAML with domain groups

thanks for the answer.

this is what i've done. is there any plan to add domain groups support anywhere soon?

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