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Temporarily remove nodes from cluster




We have a 4 node cluster.   2 of the nodes have been recently added but we are having problems with snapmirroring since they were added.


The 2 new nodes aren't yet configured with an intercluster LIF as for various reasons we can't get those interfaces up and running.  The snapmirror documentation makes it clear that every node in the cluster needs to have this for snapmirroring to work correctly.  So now we are unable to configure new snapmirrors.  The existing ones continue to work OK.


The 2 new nodes don't have any data on them so a quick fix would be to temporarily remove them from the cluster until we can get the interfaces for the intercluster LIFs connected.  I don't really want to unjoin them as we would then have to reconfigure etc.  


Is there a safe way to temporarily unjoin the nodes from the cluster so snapmirroring will work again?  





I recall your other post,  what's stopping the ISLs from coming up? 


But if you remove them,   it will force a re-init.     


Have you opened a support ticket at all too? 



We lost the SFPs 🙂  So we need to get some more.  But in the meantime we need to get some new snapmirrors up and running.


I haven't opened a support call yet as I was hoping there was an easy fix.  If not I can open one.


ahhh.   ETA? 


but yeah,   removing them you'd have to re-init and re-join.   


Try a ticket,  explain what's going,  see if there's something that we haven't thought of on the forums. 



Thanks.  Hopefully we can get hold of some replacements fairly quickly but I'll raise a call in the meantime in case there is a workaround.


Dumb question, but couldn't you just use a gigabit port if the 2 nodes have one that is regular CAT6/7 ethernet and run the LIF at gigabit speed? It sounds like it won't be used for replication anyway. That wouldn't require a SFP, and you can easily find a network cable.


We've got the AFF-A220 where the nodes have 4 UTA2 ports so no SFP - no connection unfortunately 😞 


If we sold the SFPs, you should be able to get the SFPs within 4 hours or whatever your entitlements are. So hopefully you should have them soon.

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