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To Configure SNMP alerts

Hello Team,

I am newbee to NetApp, and would need assistance with the configuration for SNMP traps/alerts.

I am aware of the autosupport configuration, but we are not planning to configure it now. However, we wanted to know if there is any option to set the SNMP traps on the NetApp filer so that any hardware/software failure occurs, then we could get an email/sms alert.

Assistance is apprciated. Thanks.

Warm Regards


Re: To Configure SNMP alerts

7mode or cDOT?

7mode snmp command:

snmp community add ro xxxx (what ever you want)

snmp community delete ro xxxx (if you want to get rid of the default)

snmp contact "contact information"

snmp location "location of cabinet"

snmp traphost add hostname|ip address

snmp init 1 (to enable it)

Re: To Configure SNMP alerts

Thank you for the information buddy...

Yes, its a 7-Mode version.

What I have read from the document is that it uses UDP ports - 161 n 162 for communication. So is there any other port apart from 161 n 162 its uses so that the firewall team be informed about it ???

Warm Regards

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