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To determine snapmirror throttle size?

As I understand -k is to specify max. bandwidth that this snapmirror session can reach. However, I while I don't want to excessively use too much and then has impact on the other application, I don't put a limit on it's use meanwhile the network has quite some available bandwidth.

So, my question is, how do I know what is current available network bandwidth? should this value only be told by networking team? what is appropriate throttle size I should set, or should it be told by networking team as well?

Also, assuming the snapmirror session and along with other apps are occupying the full capacity of the bandwidth, then at this moment, one more application wants to join as well, then would he have to wait until there is some freed up bandwidth, or the others would give up some bandwidth for him to join?



Re: To determine snapmirror throttle size?

Anybody please share your experiences?

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