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What is the maximum NAS volumes quantity to migrate at a time using 7MTT?



Hi Andrea,


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Current 7MTT 1.4 RC1 has the below limits


Please check this documentation link (section Requirements of Transition ) => https://library.netapp.com/ecm/ecm_get_file/ECMP1652695


Parameter Maximum limit
Number of controllers4
Number of hosts20


The following table lists the number of volumes in a subproject and the number of subprojects that can be run simultaneously during migration:


Parameter Maximum limit
Number of volumes in a subproject160
Recommended limit for total number of volumes across all active subprojects in the web interface at any given time240
Maximum number of active projects at any given time

8 (each project can have either a stand-alone subproject or a primary and a secondary subproject)

Note: If you have eight active projects, you can replicate data from eight 7-Mode storage systems and their associated SnapMirror destinations.
Hope this helps
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