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Unable to Expand FlexClone LUN




I'm trying to figure out if it's possible to expand a LUN with a FlexClone Vol. I mirrored the source vol to target a Netapp filer and presented a FlexClone of the mirrored vol to a test server. We are now running into a space issue on the test server and we'd like to expand the drive using SnapDrive, but are unable to. SnapDrive doesn't give us the option to Expand. I assume because it's FlexClone and we'd have to extend the parent volume. Has anybody done this before and if you have could you kindly provide the steps you took.





Re: Unable to Expand FlexClone LUN




cDOT or 7-Mode ?


But I think your problem is un Snpmirror options on destination Volume

Normaly, a Snapmirror Volume have un option to lock any resieze, you con change it by vol option commande, but carfull it could be hazardous for the next sync of snapmirror.

You can try to modify it just on the FLEXClone but I not sure it's possible.

The last solution If you have some space @ destination is tthe flex split to have a real volume and @ this time you do anythinks you want on this new vol


Re: Unable to Expand FlexClone LUN

A FlexClone inherits the attributes of the parent. I would break the FlexClone. Good luck!!
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