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Unable to configure S3 Protocol - An eligible broadcast domain was not found error


Greetings to All,


Trying to configure the S3 protocol in NetApp AFFC250 Version 9.12.1P1. Got the below error message. 


An eligible broadcast domain was not found, and the network interface could not be added. Validated the list of IPs from the both cluster node 1 and node 2 (e0c and e0d) through the cmd - broadcast-domain show and network port show


Node 1 cluster is up and healthy @ e0c and e0d

Node 2 cluster is up and healthy @e0c and e0d


Used the Network port IP's of Node 1 e0c and Node 2 e0c while creating SVM got the above mentioned error. Tried with e0d pair aswell. Unable to fix the error, Appreciate if anyone could share their experience and knowledge that can resolve this error. Thankyou. 




Has anyone assisted you with setup? 
those ports you mention are cluster ports and can not be used for data. You’ll notice they are in the ipspace called Cluster in a broadcast domain called cluster. 

ONTAP will only let you create lifs on ports that are in the same ipspace as the svm. 

you will need to plug in other ports. There are onboard 10g Base T ports you can use. If you have a mezzanine card, you can use ports in slot 1 or 2. 

The ports must be in a broadcast domain


 only after they are up and in a broadcast domain can you move forward


Thanks and appreciate your prompt response. I shall lay the additional cables tomorrow and try to complete the S3 protocol and SVM configuration. Will keep you posted on the progress.