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Unable to create/mount iscsi datastore ONTap 9


Hi all,


Im having an issue getting an eval of OnTap setup in our lab enviornment.  We get the attached message when trying to provision a datastore through the VMware plugin. I have added the network of the vmkernal interface to the pref file as stated in the error with no luck. I have also tried to just manually provision a LUN through the interface of the appliance and im not able to get VMware to see it. Any help is appreciated. 



Some Kbs, incase you haven't seen them.


What are the VSC for VMware Provisioning and Cloning configuration file options?

Check out this section in the above KB:
iSCSI networks <entry key="default.allow.iscsi.mount.networks" value="ALL"/>


iSCSI datastore provisioning using VSC fails after LUN creation


How to troubleshoot issues with Virtual Storage Console for VMware


I can see the Ontap version in the screenshot : 9.6P1, what's the VSC ?


Are you able to ping the iSCSI vmkernel port from the NetApp and vice versa?


on the CLI of an ESX Server

vmkping -I vmkX x.x.x.x


In case you have Jumbo Frames configured, use

vmkping -I vmkX -d -s 8972 x.x.x.x


on the NetApp CLI:


net ping -lif <lif_name> [-packet-size 8972] -destination <iSCSI-vmkernel-port>




im able to ping from the esx host to the appliance but the network ping command as specified is giving me "this command does not support queries". 


Try this 

net ping -lif <lif_name> -vserver <SVM_Name> -destination <iSCSI-vmkernel-port>


Did you set up igroups? portsets?

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