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Unable to delete volume


I've inherited a NetApp storage environment and have a volume that just WILL NOT delete.  I am using Clustered OnTAP8.2.3.  I have renamed the volume to 'TO_BE_DELETED'.  There are no baseline snapshots nor are there any other snapshots.  The volume is not associated with any snapshot policy and is not a part of a SnapMirror/XDP relationship.


When I take the volume 'offline' and attempt to delete the volume I receive the following message:


Error: command failed: Volume "TO_BE_DELETED" in Vserver "svm01" is the source endpoint of one or more SnapMirror relationships. Before you delete the volume, you must
       release the source information of the SnapMirror relationships using "snapmirror release". To display the destinations to be used in the "snapmirror release" commands,
       use the "snapmirror list-destinations -source-vserver svm01 -source-volume TO_BE_DELETED" command.


I've even tried to move the volume into a new aggregate and have attempted to take the aggregate offline.  I now know that this is not possible as the aggregate will not delete with a volume contained within it.


This is a small volume but I am very keen on getting it removed.  From the error message above I believe that this volume might have originally been a part of a snapmirror relationship.  I look forward to your response.


Re: Unable to delete volume


Did you type snapmirror list-destinations.. If so can you paste it here

Re: Unable to delete volume


Do you have OnCommand installed? I wonder if it is part of a dataset somewhere that should be removed as well.

Re: Unable to delete volume




I've seen the same thing before - as previously mentioned I used the snapmirror list-destinations and snapmirror release commands and it worked great.   You've also already checked for snapshots which was a good idea.


Check out this KB article for more information about using snapmirror release:  Unable to delete a volume as it is the source endpoint of one or more SnapMirror relationships


If the KB does not help you, you can also check the error log immediately after attempting to delete the volume:


::>  error log show -time >5m


If you are still having a challenge with that volume, I recommend to log a support case.   Please post back with what fixed it 😃


Good luck!



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Re: Unable to delete volume




Thank you for your response.  I also had submitted a ticket to NetApp as I couldn't find a solution on here.  He sent me the same link which ultimately worked.


Thanks again.

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