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Unable to offline the aggregate

Unable to offline the aggr, i made sure no volumes exist on the aggr.

Getting the following error

Error: command failed: Failed to take aggregate "XXX_aggr_3_target_BE" offline. Reason: Aggregate is in use by other operations. ().


Even log message:

wafl.offline.proc.file.unres: Could not resolve '1' of 'sm_stm_main's' open file names.

wafl.offline.proc.file: The 'sm_stm_main' process has '1' file'' open.

wafl.offline.openfiles: 'XXX_aggr_3_target_BE' might not be 'offlined' because of '1' open file''.


Any solution here?


Re: Unable to offline the aggregate

you must disable and Delete vserver audit which removes all the auditing staging (MDV) volume.


How to create or remove auditing staging (MDV) volumes 

Re: Unable to offline the aggregate

Out of 10 aggregates am trying to offline only one aggregate, and none of the vservers has root volume in this aggregate

Re: Unable to offline the aggregate

also no vserver auditing is enabled. No sign of MDV volumes in any aggr


Re: Unable to offline the aggregate

Use aggr relocate if you don't have any volume on it and then delete it.

storage aggregate relocation start 


Or add -force true while running aggr offline command.

nas-cm92::> set d

Warning: These diagnostic commands are for use by NetApp personnel only.
Do you want to continue? {y|n}: y

nas-cm92::*> aggr offline -aggregate test -force-offline true

Warning: The aggregate contains one or more volumes. In order to offline the
aggregate, all of these volumes must be unmounted. Do you want to
unmount all of the volumes hosted by the aggregate?
{y|n}: y

Aggregate offline successful on aggregate: test


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Re: Unable to offline the aggregate

Tnx for the help,

relocation did work, Offline was failing even with force too.

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