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Adding disks to existing Metrocluster


We have an existing 4-node 9.5P5 AFFA300 metrocluster (site A - nodes A1,A2 || Site B - nodes B1,B2).  Each node owns a mirrored aggregate.  We're only expanding mirrored aggregates for site A (nodes A1,A2) with 64 disks.  (A1) plex0 siteA 16 disks, plex1 siteB 16 disks and (A2) plex0 siteA 16 disks, plex1 siteB 16 disks.  We're not adding new shelves just fully populating current shelves with disks.  Can we just install disks and assign (storage assign disks) ownership and plex to corresponding nodes then expand aggregates via gui?


Re: Adding disks to existing Metrocluster


You can add the disks to an aggregate to provide more storage by following the below KB:

Adding disks to a node 

The new disks are not recognized until they are assigned to a node and pool. You can assign the new disks manually, or you can wait for ONTAP to automatically assign the new disks if your node follows the rules for disk autoassignment.

Then you can expand the aggregate using the command storage aggregate add-disk or GUI
Expanding aggregates 

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