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Unmapping LUN from igroup urgent help needed


Hello Netapp engineers , 


I an doing a DR test , in the process I did - 

snapmirror break -destination-path drfcpt1:CC_hqcvcp01_SP_311_Copy_568_hqfcpt1_hq_t0_ss01_Mirror

next, created an igroup & mapped the lun to the igroup


lun map    -vserver drfcpt1 -lun /vol/CC_hqcvcp01_SP_311_Copy_568_hqfcpt1_hq_t0_ss01_Mirror/hq_t0_ss01 -igroup DR_IGROUP -lun-id 60



Now for the post clean up test - 



lun offline -vserver drfcpt1 -path /vol/CC_hqcvcp01_SP_311_Copy_568_hqfcpt1_hq_t0_ss01_Mirror/hq_t0_ss01


2)lun unmap -vserver drfcpt1 -path /vol/CC_hqcvcp01_SP_311_Copy_568_hqfcpt1_hq_t0_ss01_Mirror/hq_t0_ss01 -igroup DR_IGROUP



snapmirror resync -destination-path CC_hqcvcp01_SP_311_Copy_568_hqfcpt1_hq_t0_ss01_Mirror


Question - 


1)Do i have to necessarily put  the lun offline before unmapping ? If yes , I do I have to put it online again before running step 3 . i.e when running  snapmirror resync. Or the step mentioned above is good . 


2)Also, I do not see the  flag to unmap the luns using lun_id in step to 2 . For example , I used lun id 60 to map the luns  , do I have to specifically mention the  -lun-id when unmounting 










Re: Unmapping LUN from igroup urgent help needed


No you don't have to "offline" a lun before unmapping it.  You can just unmap it from the igroup containing the hosts, then Rescan for Datastores on the hosts/cluster and it should remove all new dead paths.  


And No you don't have to specify the LUN ID during unmapping it.  You only need to specify it during "mapping" if you want it to be a specific LUN ID and not just the next one available.  I always make sure to use Specific LUN IDs and keep track of them on a spreadsheet.  

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