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Urgent Question: Can a Clone have performance impact on it's original volume


As far as I know, write to the clone will have its own area on the storage that will be sperated from its oringal volume.


What about in read situation, reading the original data from the clone and the origianl volume will come from the same location, in this kind of situation, will clone then have performance impact on its oringal volume.


Thanks very much for your inputs!





The performance of FlexClone volumes is nearly identical to the performance of flexible volumes. Refer FlexClone Performance on page 27 in http://www.netapp.com/us/media/tr-3347.pdf

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Thanks for your prompt message.


I understand in general a clone is identical a flexvolume. But, can you please confirm with me if there will be performance impact when reads is happening on both clone and it's original volume, since they share the same data location before they split off?


You can set a qos policy for the cloned volume to not exceed mb/sec or iops/sec if on cdot.  If 7-Mode you could enable priority (flexshare) and give a low priority to the volume in case there is contention.


You need to do some research and not POST urgent messages.  If it's urgent you need to call the support center immediately.


Depends on what you mean by performance impact. The clone is on the same filer and same aggregate as the parent volumes, so any extremely heavy activity on the clone could have an impact on any other volume on that filer / aggregate depending on the model of filer and size of aggregate. But having the clone read the same blocks as the parent could actually be beneficial if the blocks are already in cache from the other servers read request.

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