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Usable Space FAS 2552 C-mode





we have newly install NetApp FAS-2552 2 node cluster with 12 Disk 1.2TB HDD, OS Ontap 9.1 C-mode, what is a best practice to get maximum space.


currently assgin 6 disk each node, per node i get 2.56TB usable space, how can i get meximum space




need help


Re: Usable Space FAS 2552 C-mode


FAS2552 with 12 X 1.2 TB Disk.. using ADP to maximize the disk space.

you can space them two different way.


I just run this using netapp-sysnergy and here is the screenshot of the reports.


FAS2552 with 12 X 1.2TB HDD


Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 9.41.09 AM.png


Option : 1

While you create 1 Root aggr and 1 Data aggr on Each node. (to maximize the CPU Usage)

Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 9.41.25 AM.png

As you can see the above configuration give you exactly the same amount of space on each node.. but it lost 2 parity disk and 1 spare on each node.. So total you lost 6 disk worth of space. (which is almost half of what you have, and may not be ideal for your case)



Option : 2

Create root aggr for both node.. 

But use the renamining disks to create one large aggr on one of the node. (7.69TB total usable space)


Advantages :-

 Aggr is larger.


 You are not using most part of the CPU resources on node-2

Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 9.42.38 AM.png


If you don't need all the CPU resources the 2nd node can provide, you may choose the Option-2

I know few of customers choose this option after considering their Storage Resources usage.


hope this help




Re: Usable Space FAS 2552 C-mode


Hello Robin,


Thanks for reply,


how to create one big aggregate, 6-6 disk distributed each not, I did not get option to create one aggregate.



Rakesh Bhuvad

Re: Usable Space FAS 2552 C-mode

You might have to use vol-move or remove the data from one of the aggr.. (eg:- node2-aggr)
offline and delete the aggr, that will bring all those 6 data disk on that node as spare disks.
Then you can re-assign those disk to other node.. before you add them to the aggr.. 
make sure you verify/modify the raid-group.
As long as you have enough room in node1-aggr to move the data from node2-aggr, you can do this process non-disruptively.

Re: Usable Space FAS 2552 C-mode




Can it be apply of FAS 2720 C-Mode Ontap 9.6 also?

Can you provide full steps or commands to do it

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