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Users home directories and quotas


we have a 3240 running 8.3.2 - we have moved our home directories onto an svm - all are accessible.

we would like to apply user and or group quotas - whichever is best / recommended.

i have tried to set up a qtree & user quota for myself - the error i get states that the user / user i.d.

cannot be found.

can we use quotas is our situation, or do we need to change our configuration?

any help you can provide would be appreciated....


Re: Users home directories and quotas




Home drives definately support the use of quotas. Does KB How to create and apply quota policies in clustered Data ONTAP or this cheat sheet from the Commmunities: Setting up a Vserver for user home directories in a Windows File Sharing environment help?


The format for a domain user should be: volume quota policy rule create -target DOMAINuser1,DOMAIN\user2 -qtree qtree1 (plus the other command parameters)


To create a quota for all users when accessing their home drives (note -target here is "" and applies to all qtrees in volume home1) : volume quota policy rule create -target "" -qtree ""  -volume home1 (plus the other command parameters)


Or is this a Domain authentication type issue?




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Re: Users home directories and quotas


i appreciate your help.

i've had some sucess - which only raises more questions.

we have no windows clients, so we're using unix security.  i have been able to create & apply user quotas - is there a reason i can only use the uid & not a userid?  i also notice a line or record for each user quota created in the gui under quotas - those lines / records are only indicating that a quota has been created & or applied for that account, correct?

if i applied an all user rule - using the "" target - i'm guessing i would only see one such line / record.  i'm also guessing the "" - all-user rule would apply to root as well.

can a generic "" rule be applied along with more specific rules for different accounts?  for example, the "" rule would have a hard limit of 1 tb - but we might have some users that need 2 tb, and root would need even more - is there a way to manage this situation?  is it wise - or is there a reason to have user quotas & group quotas?

i only applied hard limits, now i need to work on the soft limits.

thanks again, and if i'm missing / forgetting anything - any help would be appreciated....

also, for now i'm not using qtrees - do i really need them?


Re: Users home directories and quotas


You might want to open up a technical case with Support to answer the specific questions you have...


More resources to check out:

How quotas work with users and groups


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